Lockdown reflection

Something that rocked was that I got to eat whenever and I was really comfy.

I want my organisation habits from lockdown to stick.

Something I want to leave is not seeing my friends.

Day 3 school lockdown

Today I had a lot of webex meetings with my teachers and classmates. We did triple drama/music but we were not able to practice our progressing play Alice in wonderland because it’s a bit hard to do over webex.

In our class we also each made up a fitness routine for Monday to Thursday which i have been doing.

I am excited to go back to school and see all my friends and maybe continue with sport

I hope everyone is happy and healthy.


Day 2 lockdown journal

Today, we had our first humanities and maths lesson for this term. In maths we were able to call our friends and work with them. I have enjoyed lockdown but Im starting to miss my friends. Today I havent really done much so at lunch I will either go outside for a walk or ride my bike.

We have been playing some games in our webex meetings and checking up every lesson.

Hope everyones well! bye

Day 1 lockdown journal

During lockdown I have thought of numerous fun ways to entertain myself such as painting lots of things like CDs and cards, riding my bike and playing with my pets.

I have also tried to keep my fitness up, socialising with friends and especially staying organised with meetings. So far I have enjoyed all my classes.

I have created a list of fun things to do when not in class:

  • going on walks/runs
  • paint something and get creative
  • take interesting photos of things in your house
  • bake or cook something
  • ride bikes ,scooters, skateboards etc
  • redecorate your room
  • try something new
  • read
  • search up some Diys to do at home


My school day

At 8:30am every school day at Wilderness apart from Friday we have Form in the morning which is when we get organised for the day and do touch typing. Our recess break starts at 10:30am and finishes at 10:50am. Lunch starts at 1:05pm and ends at 1:55pm.

At lunch times we can go to the tuck shop and the library. At the tuck shop we have cookies, muffins, ice blocks, drinks and heaps more that are only available on the school app for lunch we can get hot lunches like spaghetti, pizza or nachos.

Our specialist lessons are DTE, Artemis, P.E, Chinese ,French, art and library. On Thursday mornings we also have school assemblies.

Finally, school ends at 3:15pm and we either go home or have school sport.           


Top 10 travel destinations i would like to go to

  1. Greece because of the beautiful beaches.      The 12 best beaches in Greece - Lonely Planet
  2. Bora bora because of there are places you can stay that are just above the water.    .
  3. Bali because of the really good waterparks.       .
  4.  Queensland, coolum because of the surf there.       
  5. Fiji because there is lots to do.       
  6. Kangaroo island because there are so many cool animals and places to go to.       
  7. Daintree rainforest because you can go to the great barrier reef and theres lots of animals   
  8. France, london because the squirrels and the shops.     
  9. New Zealand to go skiing and go in the snow.   
  10. Stradbroke island because of the beaches and the surf. 

Commenting Guidelines

In class we have been learning about blog commenting guidelines. I have rated a sheet of imaginary comments


I think one was the least helpful ,because they didn’t check spelling and used slang.

I think the second least helpful one was 6 , because she didn’t use punctuation and she used slang.

The third least helpful one I think is number 4 because they haven’t checked spelling and didn’t address the person.

The next least helpful one is 7 , because they didn’t address the person who its too or say who its from.

I think 8 is the next worst one ,because it was quite rude.

I think 5 is very good ,but it doesn’t have paragraphs or a question

The next is 3 because it doesn’t ask questions like number 2.

The best one is 2 because it asks questions, has paragraphs, punctuation, good spelling and no slang.

The Forest- connectives challenge

Temporal connectives- blue     Causal connectives- red

The forest was thick and dark ,however it was full of life. There were stairs that went on and on. Hence, I made my way down the stairs, through the big forest. After a while, I stopped and went off the path into the forest to explore a bit more, though this was a mistake. Later on, I was still walking , but I came to a stop. Standing there was a big black wall that definitely didn’t belong in a natural green forest. At this point I was too far to go back, so I was stuck behind this big black wall.