Commenting Guidelines

In class we have been learning about blog commenting guidelines. I have rated a sheet of imaginary comments


I think one was the least helpful ,because they didn’t check spelling and used slang.

I think the second least helpful one was 6 , because she didn’t use punctuation and she used slang.

The third least helpful one I think is number 4 because they haven’t checked spelling and didn’t address the person.

The next least helpful one is 7 , because they didn’t address the person who its too or say who its from.

I think 8 is the next worst one ,because it was quite rude.

I think 5 is very good ,but it doesn’t have paragraphs or a question

The next is 3 because it doesn’t ask questions like number 2.

The best one is 2 because it asks questions, has paragraphs, punctuation, good spelling and no slang.

The Forest- connectives challenge

Temporal connectives- blueย  ย  ย Causal connectives- red

The forest was thick and dark ,however it was full of life. There were stairs that went on and on. Hence, I made my way down the stairs, through the big forest. After a while, I stopped and went off the path into the forest to explore a bit more, though this was a mistake. Later on, I was still walking , but I came to a stop. Standing there was a big black wall that definitely didn’t belong in a natural green forest. At this point I was too far to go back, so I was stuck behind this big black wall.

Country of Focus China

1. This is the Chinese flag.

2. The continent of China is Asia.

3.ย  The capital city of China is Beijing.

4.ย  China is in the northern hemisphere.

4. The population of China is currently 1,442,727,294.

5. The national language of China is Mandarin and there are about 300 other languages spoken there.

6. The currency of China is called renminbi.

7. china is in relationship with Australia because the two countries are big trading partners.

8. One fact about China is that in China red symbolises happiness.

9. Three countries that border China are Afghanistan, India and North Korea. The location of these countries are Afghanistan- west, India- south west and North Korea- east.

About me!

Hi my name is Gemma and I am 11 years old!

My hobby is art, my favourite foods are chocolate and chips.

I have a cat and a younger brother and my favourite animals are my cat and turtles!

My favourite subject is art and p.e!๐Ÿ˜„